About the Owner

AppProved Software Corp was created by John W Miller. John W Miller,official title is "The Chemist". John W Miller has a passionate love of Chemistry! After being told by his MIT and Harvard chemistry professors, now a lifetime ago, that the electronic configuration of the elements was extremely difficult to calculate and probably to much for John. After graduating from MIT chemistry department, John W Miller began his ~ 40yr computation studies, his walk with the greatest teacher God,  and life long adventure to illuminate the periodicity of matter in the Universe....

John has developed for numerous companies in the US, Europe and Asia as he continues his quest in elucidating the mathematics that defines element/molecular bonding that governs our universe. Back in 2019, God, yes John gives credit where credit is due, revealed the mathematical elegance and atomic simplicity of Chemistry! Where the often lauded Albert Einstein was able to mathematically "APPROXIMATE" up to 4 orbital configuration (e.g. s, p, d and f), John W Miller or "The Chemist" using his discrete "Universal Quantum Equations", a Trade Secret, can "EXACTLY DISCRETELY" calculate 26, YES I SAID IT, 26 orbital configurations well beyond all the elements found on this small weak gravity planet! With a larger computer than a Macbook, the 26 levels could be extended greatly! (Mathematical exploration of matter in super dense black holes can be achieved....)

The exacting  "Universal Quantum Equations" has even detected errors in the existing legacy Periodic Table used in classrooms around the World today.... (See ThePeriodic)

    Einstein's understanding of the elements was very very primitive and imprecise at best...., so speaks John W Miller, "THE CHEMIST"!

   John W Miller, enjoys learning, programming and marveling at the elegance of God's work which has greatly enhanced his unique, elegant and simple perception of matter, the world, the Universe...

The "Revelation" is very exciting!!!