ThePeriodic - A "fast and accurate" Matter-Energy electron configuration calculator that replaces the Periodic Table.

Most Periodic Tables as it pertains to Electronic Orbital Configuration are in error.

ThePERIODIC, an app that implements the newly discovered exposes set of elegant mathematical entitled Universal Quantum Equations (UQEs) . The UQEs mathematically calculates and model the electronic orbital "fingerprint" of all matter known and unknown.... Within these equations that accurately calculates the electronic periodicity of the different types of matter.

This version of the app adds

1) The equally elegant Valance Orbital Equation (VOEs) that use the output of the UQEs to calculate the number "normal energy" bonding electrons element will use in reactions with other elements or molecules.

2) The UQEs and VOEs are now neatly implemented in a new Combine enabled framework call ElementalFramework that can models the asynchronous, non-sequential, parallel bonding behavior of biological/chemical reactions.

3) Numerous discrepancies (Periodic Table errors) have been exposed by the mathematical computation from the UQEs. One very important error is with iron (Fe). In most chemistry textbooks is shows Fe with a valence of 2 or 3. The VOEs calculates that Fe "normal energy" bonding electrons are 4! This exactly matches what is seen in the energy powerhouse hemoglobin used by animals.

Also the published structure of Fe2O3 is wrong in the textbooks and should look like a 3D polygon


/ . \

Fe 1. - Fe2

\ /

(bond also to Fe1) \ O2 . / (bond also to Fe2)

\ . /

\ /


is but just one example.

The ElementalFramework is a "SOURCE OF ELEMENTAL TRUTH", that powers this initial ThePeriodic app.

ThePeriodic/ElementalFramework in this New Year/Decade a fundamental/transformative change in Chemistry and Physics research with iOT and automated chemistry "electronic assistants".

This electronic "SOURCE OF ELEMENTAL TRUTH" whose partial strength exposed in ThePeriodic embodies accurate information needed by anyone (e.g. students, scientists, engineers, etc...) that are tired of the laborous (now unnecessary) error prone task of figuring out the electronic orbital configuration of elements! ThePeriodic replaces the honored, but now outdated/with apparent errors in the legacy Periodic Table.

Let's continue to have fun/exploring with new "clearer vision" using math-based Universal Quantum Equations that describes all matter in the Universe....