G-100 Mask

Problem Definition:

Legacy Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in use today Worldwide (WW) is in, short supply in the midst of our current WW Pandemic. In our current and future pandemics, it will be important for national, state, and local governments WW to protect not only front-line essential workers, but all the citizens they are sworn to protect.

Here is a picture of the Legacy PPE protection today:

As you can see, simple cloth masks or n95 masks which filters out 95% of 3 micron particles for a fixed period of time. In other words both types of legacy PPE masks have fixed. Finite usability.

The Challenge is to develop a low-cost superior PPE mask that:

  1. Can be reused (when needed) for years!

  2. A simple design that is easy to 3D print.

  3. Can be manufactured in HUGE quantities that can be supplied to EVERYONE

(when needed)

  1. A new type of PPE mask designed not to filter out but “kill” any airborne respiratory

pathogens that enters the air exchange conduit of the device

Introducing the G-100 Generic Design

As shown above, the basic design is to provide4 an exchange conduit where air going in (or out) of it in either direction will be simply blasted with UVC radiation!

ANY living microbe, virus, whatever will simply be destroyed.

And added benefit of this design is that dead viruses can be detected by our immune systems which will trigger a gradual immune response producing antibodies. Eventually, the mask should be removed, temporarily, so that the “learning” immune system is allowed to attack, with its “knowledge”, living versions of the virus. If a person, immune system still can’t handle the living version of virus (pathogen), bring forth The Hammer of God (a medical directed energy weapon) to provide a little assist in killing viruses/bacteria hiding/multiplying in phlegm buildup in a person’s lungs.

One of Many Implementation possibilities

The spiral )like a snail; shell) is simple to 3D print and is very functional design! By strategically placing cheap UV blubs in the G-100 UV light will not escape it’s conduit air cavity. At the center of the G-100 a port perpendicular to the G-100 can be adapter to exist PPE facial and mouth fitted mask component.

“BRING IT” to Coronavirus

Again any viruses or bacteria (natural or man-made) passing in or out of the G-100 will be killed, PERIOD.

In a war you need general use offensive weapons now like G-100 and The Hammer of God. Not wait on passive defensive weapons like a narrow usage, very virus specific, slow to develop vaccine(s) that are not really vaccines. Since they use the same mechanism of "cell reprogramming" like COVID-19 that use mRNA to replica, the "new technology" vaccines from AstroZenca, Moderna, and Pzier which ALSO use mRNA to reprogram a person's cell DNA to inject instructions on how to disable the replication ability of COVID-19 should be properly classified as "Man-Made" viruses and not a traditional vaccine.

People are dying WW now! It is time (together) we BRING IT to Coronavirus and exploit it’s well known weaknesses now…

Discussion on G-100 Mask

Shown above (taken from the G-100 patent write-up) the problem being solved is how to “best” to protect. Against “live” airborne respiratory pathogens (e.g. COVID-19) from Air Mass 1 from entering Air Mass 2. In the case being submitted with this G-100 mask product, Air Mass 2 is air within lungs of a person/mammal.

Legacy Solutions (n95 and surgical masks)

Surgical “disposable” masks protects a person’s lungs by absorbing water droplets containing airborne respiratory pathogens (e.g. COVID-19).

N95 “disposable”. masks - initially designed to satisfy OSHA (and the equivalent International construction standards) requirements to protect construction workers. These masks were adapted for medical use by adding a AntiPathogen (microbes and viruses) agents to a polymer filaments “stuffing” that filters out 95% of particles not smaller than 0.3 microns. Coronavirus is between 0.05. to 0.2 microns in size. In other words without a clear plastic shield and with the right kinetic energy (coronavirus Patient’s sneeze), use of the n95 masks lone, over time will rapidly loose it’s ability to stop droplets full of coronaviruses and any other respiratory pathogens.

The G-100 “Reusable” masks

The G-100 mask is designed not just to filter out the Coronavirus from (see diagram above) Air Mass 1, but to kill any airborne respiratory pathogen (including the COVID-19 causing virus(es) [ Some research indicates there maybe potentially two strains])

BACKGROUND UV INFO: It is a well-know fact that ultraviolet radiation (from UVA, UVB and UVC wavelengths) are 100% lethal to viruses and bacteria. It is also well known that long-term human. exposure to ultraviolet radiation is detrimental to a person’s health.

Using the “guaranteed” lethal properties of ultraviolet radiation on viruses and bacteria, the geometric properties of the G-100 mask guarantees to protect the the mask user from any interaction with the dual UV germicidal bulbs.

The base G-100 design forces all air to/from Air Mass 1 to/from Air Mass 2 to go through the “air exchange” conduit where ANY airborne respiratory pathogen will be killed with millions/billions of ultraviolet “chemical bond breaking” ionizing photons. Again unlike the legacy n95 or surgical masks, the desired result in the use of the G-100 is “not” filtering but killing coronavirus and any other airborne virus/bacteria that threatens human health/life.

A “modular view” of the G-100 Mask

Shown above in a medial facility use G-100 mask.

For Patients - A G-100 mask minus the Polymer filament for the G-100 intake can be fitted to a patient to kill any coronavirus exhale hospital room air. A smaller mask adapter can be used to cover just the nose and mouth.

For Nursing home/Hospital Personal - A G-100 with all shown components above are assembled for maximum protection for single visitation to a patient’s room. After the patient check is complete, the snorkel masks are disconnected and radiated for 30 seconds each front and back for sterilization for another use. The polymer filament is submerged for 5 min in a hydrogen peroxide bath the sprayed with the antiviral agent again readied for reuse. The G-100 should be UV radiated for 30 seconds each front and back. The. G-100 internal UV bulbs should be easily popped out checked and if necessary and condensation wiped off with a soft cloth and popped back in for next patient visitation usage.

EUA Question: Are you applying for an EUA for your device? Or an EUA for the reprocessing of the device with UV light?

We are applying for an EUA for the G-100 “Reusable” mask to directly protect/save nursing home patients/personnel, hospital patients/personnel, the public, everyone…

The G-100 “Reusable” Mask was designed to kill coronavirus.

G-100 purpose is to kill (not filter) ANY respiratory pathogen (e.g. coronavirus) inhaled/exhaled by patients and/or nursing home/medical personnel caring for patients.

Please provide a Description of testing conducted on the device, including any standards met, such as liquid barrier protection, flammability, biocompatibility, and filtration performance, as appropriate.

-Testing of the effects of UVC radiation on Airborne UVC radiation on H1N1 was conducted at Columbia University.

  • Liquid Barrier - G-100 Mask usage by nursing home/medical personnel uses the polymer filament with antiviral agent inserted into the air-intake of the G-100.

  • Flammability - the 3D printing material use to create. The G-100 will be non-flammable

  • Biocompatibility - Masks presently used to fit over one’s face with the n95 will be compatible for use with the G-100.

  • Filtration Performance - Use of the polymer filament the primary/necessary filtration component of the n95 mask is optional on the G-100. The G-100 UV germicidal bulb are “electrically active” to produce UVA, UVB, and UVC tradition to kill any coronavirus or pathogen that enters it’s air exchange conduit between Air Mass 1 and Air Mass 2 [ Please see diagram above for visual representation]