RFKnife or The Hammer of God


Viruses (e.g. the coronavirus H1N1, bird flu, swine flu, “future” virulent Pandemic flu) are all viruses that attack the lungs of animals. They generically infect the lungs in a very simple and direct way. Patients breath in water droplets in the air that are full of a virus. Once inside the lungs they attach themselves to healthy cells of the lungs that facilitate oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange with air. Once the insidious viral invader gets through the cell wall inside a cell, it reprogram’s the cell’s DNA to create new copies of the invading virus!

When a patient’s immune system detects the invaders in the body, their body temperature is elevated. In addition to killing some of viruses, the increased body temperature triggers the patient’s immune system to ramp up production of antibodies that will seek out and destroy infected cell. As a result of this action fluids from destroyed cell form phlegm in the lungs of a patient. The virus use the phlegm as a base of refuge from the patient’s antibodies.

If not cleared from the lungs as in the case older patients or patient’s that have some kind of compromised immune system, the phlegm enables an overwhelming amount of viruses to grow in number and attack even more lung cells reducing the function of the lungs to oxygenate the blood of the patient. A patient effectively drowns in phlegm.


Viruses like Influenza, H1N1, swine flu, coronavirus all require moist warm environments to survive. Temperatures equal to or in excess of 38 degrees C (100.4 degrees F) will kill these type of viruses. A patient as part of a normal immune response can raise its temperature as one weapon to kill the invader. Unfortunately, the viruses can hide within phlegm and interstitial fluid cooled by air that is breathed in and out. The viruses can await opportunities to advance their invasion to other healthy lung cells. For patient’s not capable of expelling, sometime, thick pasty phlegm or afford expensive (SLOW) invasive surgical procedures to remove some of the contagious phlegm, death would be is a foregone possibility…

BUT there is a way of non-invasively delivering pinpoint virus killing assistive heat (100 - 300 degrees F) only and specifically at the exact location(s) of the virus laden phlegm inside a patient's chest cavity! The electromagnetic answer is and has been staring us all in the face every single day…..(Read on please)


Our planet is truly amazing! The the ionosphere protects the earth from

dangerous ionizing electromagnetic waves (e,g. X-ray, gamma ray whose frequencies and energy level break bonds in DNA, RNA, and proteins) from the galaxy/sun. All except microwave(s), whose wavelength range do not “electronically” interact with the chemical bonds (i.e do not break those important chemical bonds) in DNA, RNA, and proteins essential for biological life. Tha makes microwave radiation absolutely perfect for biologically safe delivery of purely “mechanical heat” at ANY specified point in space!

Microwave radiation is “safely” presently used today for:

  • Radar tracking of aircraft.
  • Cooking
  • Cellphone operations

Biologically safe and ubiquitous microwaves using geometrically concentrically oriented directed low energy microwave emitters whose beams intersect at only one point in space can manifested a thermal singularity "inside" a patient non-invasively! The “thermal knife” or RFKnife can with pinpoint accuracy, in this use case, destroy virus laden phlegm leaving the surrounding normal tissue/cells totally untouched!

First it is important to completely understand and internalize the important “PLURALITY OF WAVES” super simple concept….. (Read on please)


Waves whether they be long wavelength like sound wave of very short like electromagnetic x-rays all have a certain intrinsic behavior:

“ANY” plurality of waves when in phase, will combine exponentially at the point of their intersection.

A common and familiar illustration of this important wave property can be seen as we have all done in burning leaves, insects, etc with sunlight using a magnifying glass.


At present there is no “traditional thinking” vaccine treatment protocol available to the public to treat the immediate coronavirus outbreak. Using “nontraditional thinking” assistive help can be used NOW for nursing home/hospitalized patients afflicted with respiratory viral infections like an antibiotic resistant virus like the Novel Coronavirus.

In a nutshell, viruses in phlegm in the lungs can be destroyed by an impulses of heat (100 - 200 degrees F). A device that can deliver non-invasive targeted virus killing/phlegm evaporating “mechanical heat” to critically ill patients, could greatly assist patient’s body fight viruses attacking their lungs. To reach that end, Introducing the RFKnife

As shown above, a prototype device was built over 13 years ago by my sons and I in our private home. It was built to prove that low energy microwave can be directed at a single point [a singularity 1mm to 10cm in size] in space at specified coordinates and measure an exponential increase in power. The singularity can quickly, cheaply and repeatedly deliver intense “mechanical heat” to destroy virus laden phlegm in a fraction of a second!

Presently there exist much more advanced variable intensity microwave emitters that would be ideal for building a very flexible/capable/effective RFKnife than the prototype RFKnife that we built over 13 years ago. Compared to developing a vaccine (that will not immediately address the present novel coronavirus or future more virulent viruses) the RFKnife could be brought online “quickly” (using basic physics using safe a ubiquitous low energy microwaves to attack phlegm/virus phlegm/bacteria in ill patients with a lung infection NOW)

Using real-time imagining equipment (e.g. *Ultrasound imaging, CAT scan, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance imagining, etc…), targeting coordinates of infected, virus laden phlegm inside ill patients with the flu (e.g coronavirus, influenaz, future flu,,,) can be obtained from today’s existing imaging equipment. With simple geometry calculations, targeting coordinate(s) can then input into “The Hammer of God” or RFKnife and, in this case, destroy the lung attacking viruses or bacteria. A modern more advance RFKnife *which can be developed and manufactured in a short time in large quantities” can provide direct external help (mechanical heat) that will tip the balance of power in favor of a patient’s immune system that is fighting the/a viral invader.