Program that teaches the user about the various intellectual property

protections for an idea and guides the user to the optimal form of protection for their idea. This

interactive app uses the responses to queries to gain general information about the user's idea. It

provides the form(s) of protection that best suits the idea. Each question offers a choice of

answers from which the user selects the most appropriate one for their concept. HueMind

provides a detailed explanation of each question to ensure the user has ample information to

choose the best answer to the query. At the completion of the questions, the app displays to the

user the best protection(s) for their idea. Each display of protection(s) also comes with a

comprehensive explanation of the type of protection(s) for the idea.

When developing a commercial product based on an idea, protecting the idea is a critical part of

that process. However, idea protection is only one step in the process. Many people do not

develop their ideas because they do not know the initial practical steps to develop the concept.

In addition, many of them need to know who they can trust to assist them. HueMind does not

leave the user hanging with only information about protecting an idea. After explaining the

optimal idea protection, HueMind provides a resource, "The Starter Kit," that explains the idea

development process and initial actions to take before protecting the idea. 

This resource contains information that discusses and explains:

1. The steps in the product development and commercialization process

2. Initial steps in developing an idea

3. Essential questions to answer regarding your idea

4. Trade Secrets Requirements for classification as a trade secret

Confidentiality agreement (NDA) for an initial meeting

5. Patents - Common misconceptions Factors to consider when deciding to file a patent application Explanation of provisional patent applications Flow diagram of the events in the patenting process Patent costs and fees

6. Trademarks

Reasons for acquiring a federal trademark registration

Flow diagram of the events in the trademark registration process

Trademark registration costs and fees

7. Copyrights

Reasons for acquiring a federal copyright registration

Copyright registration costs and feesThis app does not ask for specific information about a user's idea. There is no fear of users

exposing information about their idea by using this app. 

An objective of this app is to provide the user with an initial base of information regarding how to develop and protect an idea.

HueMind and its contents give the user the knowledge and confidence to step out and pursue

their dreams, turning their ideas into products and services that can benefit society.

Other resources are also available to assist users as they journey from idea conception to