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Parent viruses that genesis a “Novel” Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Many labs around the world in analyzing COVID-19 genetic sequence found it surprising to find that it has a modified “Human” Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) genetic component (which also cause hypoxia) incorporated in a “Bat” (SARS Coronavirus) making it LITERALLY a "novel" coronavirus that is 1000 times more infectious than the normal SARS Coronavirus!

It is very interesting that NIH funded at the tune of $3.7 million " gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses" in 2014. This happened after the DHS band that type of research in the United States of America.

Also very interesting that Harvard University and private American concerns have been and continues “extensive” technology collaboration and technology transfer (like CRISPR) and financial relationship with many of these virology labs that are surprisingly located in Wuhan, China!

BUT!!! Understand we “MUST” listen and believe the NIH, big pharma firms, virus hunters, the nightly news, senators and congressmen that assumed financial positions in the stock market before the pandemic was known to everyone else, etc… all tell us that the COVID-19 jump from “Bats” to “Humans" which fits a standard model, according to “experts”, of animal to human viral transmission. Some U.S. Intelligence sources has concluded that COVID-19 was NOT created in a virology lab in Wuhan, China (…. Just down the street, with collaborators external to China, from the wet market where the “experts” say COVID-19 started…)

According to “experts”, The ABSOLUTELY ONLY WAY to save the ~8 billion people on this planet is by using the legacy medical techniques (in league with medival bloodletting and use of slugs to dispense with illness and disease) and slow development of a vaccine to save the entire world population!!! My oh my…. really….I mean really!


Given that we “accept” what “experts” say that COVID-19 has occurred naturally and manifested in the Wuhan, China wet market and knowing the following facts:

1) Sexually transmitted  “Human” HIV (a retrovirus - an entirely different species from SARS Coronavirus)

2) Airborne transmitted “Bat” SARS Coronavirus 

Have combined “naturally” to create COVID-19, truly a “novel” coronavirus.

Based strictly on the 2 simple well-known scientific facts above, we can only conclude that a HIV infected male human(s) had relations with a bat. The sexually transmitted HIV virus:

The COVID-19 infected bat(s) after being transported to the Wuhan, China wet market became the source of the bat to human transfer of COVID-19 as “experts” have explained to us.

It is absolutely an urgent IMPERATIVE that new international behavioral standards, enforceable in all countries worldwide should be created to outlaw HIV positive male humans from going into caves, where bats are minding their business, and sexually molesting bats!

This type of animal/creature violations is wrong and should be outlawed worldwide!!!

This new worldwide international behavioral standard should be generalized to also ban HIV infected humans from mating with mosquitoes (zika), birds (bird flu), pigs (swine flu), etc… Not completely understanding the actual physics of the mating process (and bat teeth and claws would be of significant concern to most human males) and very complex “naturally occurring” biochemistry genetic splicing integration between two very different species (a CRISPR like process but happening naturally) of the :

doesn’t matter!

It is absolutely essential that human sexual molestations of creatures has to be outlawed internationally!!! LOL LOL LOL  

P.S. Based on studies, people admitted for hospital COVID-19 care are measured having vitamin C and D deficiencies. ….Vitamins C and D are known to supercharge the immune system…. In other words, its better to buy vitamins not toilet paper…

Humans are THE APEX predator on this planet. Why are we: