Our homes, churches, synagogues, mosques, schools, hospitals, entertaiment venues, malls, offices, etc... all have become targets of both domestic and international terrorism. It seems as though police/government(s) have not adapted yet to ever mutating threats to the security needs of its citizens. Communities worldwide have to take a more active role in the protection of family members, friends, and their communities. SecAssist (Phase 1) replaces the manual visitors logs, by collecting that information digitally, that many buildings in communities, use to make it useful to rapidly identify threats.

Security Assistant or SecAssist is a novel new app using machine learning technology has been designed to replace the stone-age notebook full of paper logs (labor intensive) used by schools, churches, organizations of various types, corporations and government agencies world wide.

SecAssist is an evolving security app.

For a monthly auto-renewing subscription, use of all existing an future features of SecAssist will be available to users collecting this realtime security data collection system.

The "Full Access" auto-renewing subscription is set fixed at $24.99/month

Usage of SecAssist is simple:

On first run of the app, it will ask for a) Administrator information (particularly a unique gmail address) b) Company information c) Enter security sentries (again with unique gmail addresses) that will monitor visitor entry and exits from a property.

Every run after that, SecAssist will determine the role of the user as either

1) the administrator or

2) a security sentry.

In the case of a security sentry, they will a) create a virtual visitors log for their shift (i.e 1,2,3,and possibly 4) and log visitor entries by scanning a government issued id which then SecAssist using it's machine learning function will lift, presently, english words from the image for mapping to the visitor entry fields.

This is....

PHASE1: Data Capture

SecAssist will capture visitor data and make it actionable unlike more expensive and useless paper logs in use today.

SecAssist is ready to report for duty!